Staying in a nest, surrounded by nature, without giving up the comforts of your home: this is Nidoom®.

A total prefabricated hotel suite, with a wooden structure designed to guarantee comfort and energy efficiency, fully respecting the environment and nature.

Compact and easily transportable,energy efficient and equipped with all comforts and modern technologies.

100% Made in Italy.


Nidoom is made with a wooden structure, natural and light, and is designed to produce zero impact on the environment.


A completely prefabricated module, transportable and repositionable according to needs.


With Nidoom the maximum comfort is guaranteed. The wooden structure gives a feeling of welcome and the suite is equipped with the best technology to be as comfortable as your home.


A module designed to minimize energy consumption, thanks to the insulated casing, the use of renewable sources and the intelligent management of the systems.


Nidoom is equipped with advanced technological systems, which can be managed in a simple and intuitive way.

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The ecosuite of the future for a responsible tourism

Production site

Nidoom® is produced by
Marlegno – Bolgare (BG),
Via delle Industrie 14 – Italia


Nidoom® it’s a brand of Marlegno


Tel: +39.035.4423768